One thing is for certain, there is no substitute for experience. Skilled through daily practice in the project trenches, Geof leverages the learnings of all that knowledge to lead projects and help companies transition from ineffective teams and poor delivery to high performance and consistent value delivery. See how GTD can help your organization delivery more value and enjoy the journey too. 

Agile Consulting


Building agile teams and an agile culture isn’t trendy, it is about turning ideas into reality while leveraging the emergence of the possible. Working with an agile mindset is a departure from traditional prescriptive project approaches. This type of change requires daily adherence to a different way of behaving and guidance from someone who understands how to implement sustainable change. Geof has been helping teams and companies transition to agile since before the word agile was popular.



Teams can suffer if they are not able to connect their behaviors with purpose. More than just establishing a common set of practices and vocabulary, the best training also allows for heuristic learning while doing, connecting activity with purpose. Teams work best when they operate from a shared approach based on a common understanding.

In 2010, Geof collaborated with a world leader in project management simulation powered learning, Fissure, to create a hands-on computer simulated agile team class. Structured in a team setting and focused on the most disruptive and challenging agile behavioral changes, the class collectively experiences a 5-sprint release of a software product. For more information on the value of simulation powered learning or details on the different class offerings, click here.

Writing & Speaking


For more than 20 years, Geof has been writing and speaking on different aspects of project management. Since 2000 he has been a featured columnist for the on-line project management forum, ProjectConnections, where he writes on Project Management and Parenthood. Geof combines his years of project management with his experiences raising two daughters to create interesting and humorous parallels.


For an entertaining read on how Project Management relates to parenthood or if you are in search of a speaker for your next meeting, convention or conference, email Geof at or contact Geof directly at 612.961.4108.

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