Agile isn’t about backlogs and sprints, or scrums, demos and retros, Agile is a mindset and an approach for operating effectively in an environment of change and uncertainty. Agile is not a silver bullet, but if you agree with the above statement, agile is applicable to more situations, projects and environments than it isn’t.

Agile isn’t easy, but it is simple. The fewer the moving parts, the less there is to manage and the easier to lead. In uncertainty, discipline is more reliable.

Agile requires trust-based teams and partnership based on mutual accountability and collaborative relationships. In uncertainty, processes and rules give way to principles and guidelines.

Agile isn’t just for software development, that’s just where it officially started and got its capital A. In uncertainty, the A could also stand for Adaptable, Accountable, Autonomous or even Awareness.


If you have ever been in situations where traditional process-oriented methods have felt unduly onerous, bureaucratic and inefficient, it might be worth considering a different way, an Agile way.

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