Practical Project Management is based on the belief that "everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Project management does not have to be rigid or onerous, but it does have to be meaningful. Helping organizations choose and implement the appropriate approach to project management that fits their culture and projects is the Practical Project Management approach. I work with companies to:
· Develop and adopt Practical Project Management best practices
· Customize System Development Life Cycles and Project Processes
· Develop Agile/Scrum best practices for software teams
· Mentor Project Managers and/or ScrumMasters and teams
· Implement Enterprise Project Management practices and tools

I can engage with an organization to develop and implement Practical Project Management practices through:
· On-site daily management of a project team 
· Project coaching and objective team guidance
· Education and tool implementation
Uncertainty & Consistency
All project teams need to answer these questions:
· Do we know where we are going?
· Do we know how to verify we are there?
· Do we know what needs to be done to get there?

Once this is understood, the remaining question is “are we properly structured to perform optimally?” Practical Project Management applies structure at a level that enables the team to perform optimally. Anything that does not help the project  is not necessary. Don’t do it!